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Lea Farrow
Lea Farrow

It’s surely no coincidence that my name rhymes with ‘tea’ (my favourite drink). Just as it’s also no coincidence that I choose to live my difficult life alongside PTSD in a simple way.


Do you want to stop feeling burdened by your past and anxious about your future? Do you want to learn how you can find happiness, even during the darkest days?

Yes? Here's the first step


  • have wondered why you never feel as happy as other people seem….


  • feel discouraged by failures and ashamed of your mistakes….


  • have told yourself that things will never work out, no matter what you do….


  • maintain that you can’t ever be happy because life is unfair….


  • feel anxious about all the things going wrong in your life….


  • think that you’re too messed up or not smart enough or not talented enough….


  • feel angry with those who have wronged you….


  • have told yourself that you don’t deserve happiness or success….


  • believe you always seem to make the wrong decisions in life….


  • feel suffocated by hurdles that prevent you from making changes in your life.…


…. then not only are you perfectly human, but you also have a very good understanding of the dark places I’ve spent a lot of my life.



I have created this site for people who want more from their life, especially those, like me, struggling with difficult journeys.
I can teach you the vital tools for unlocking your own inner happiness any time you choose, and offer simple strategies so you can finally live a life that is true to your own values.

“Be happy for this moment… this moment is your life.”