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All content and personal photos contained on this website cannot be used in any manner or for any purpose without the consent in writing of the author (Lea Farrow). All material is the intellectual property of the author (Lea Farrow). For permission to use any material from this website, please contact the author (Lea Farrow) at: lea@thislifethismoment.com


I began writing this blog purely to express my own experiences living with and supporting a husband who battles complex PTSD, and how I have learnt to find happiness again. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, and that you may find comfort and inspiration in my words.


Please be aware that I am in no way qualified to assist or counsel people with PTSD, secondary PTSD, or any other mental illness. If you are in a crisis situation, please contact your local authorities or hotline.


Although I may, at times, write about what my husband has personally found beneficial along his road to recovery, I will not endorse, nor be an advocate for, any particular PTSD treatments or therapies.


Please be aware that the content of my posts about PTSD may be upsetting to some people, and there may be potential triggers for those who suffer from PTSD.


My website occasionally contains a small number of affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase. All opinions on the website are my own and I only recommend reading material that I believe will genuinely help you.


I greatly appreciate receiving your comments, and try my best to reply to them all. Please be aware that comments which others may find offensive or are in any way abusive will be deleted and the user blocked.


Thank you

Lea x